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Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) Convention!

As a small company, our hard working crew strives to make simple skincare, powerful. 

Our name Nova Scotia Fisherman references two themes in Atlantic Canada - resiliency of our hard-working maritime fishing community, and the rich, powerful content of our cold Atlantic waters.


This September, our team attended the annual CHFA (Canadian Health Food Association) conference in Toronto, Ontario. This annual event is an amazing opportunity to share our story, our natural products from Atlantic Canada, and share the stage with like-minded natural brands from all over Canada.



"Quit The Bottle" Campaign! 

At this year’s trade show, we debuted our “Quit The Bottle” campaign (read more here), new plastic-free body wash bars (Shop now), and made some new product announcements coming very soon!


Our new campaign is to encourage the consciousness of our decisions as consumers, encouraging us to take small steps to reduce our footprint and make better decisions for the planet. What easier way to start than to swap synthetic detergents and body washes for natural bar soap. Cleanse and moisturize naturally, without parabens, synthetics, additives, or gluten, and skip the plastic bottles.


Each bar is multi-use and safe as a body wash, facial cleanser, hand soap, or shampoo. They’re even great solutions for cleaning our furry pet pals. Long lasting, quick lather, and vegan friendly!


Great news for in-store shoppers!

We’re working with some awesome new store-fronts and companies to carry our products in stores near you (big and small), all across Canada. Click here to find a full list of stores in your neighbourhood. 

You can find our products in:

Canadian Tire
Whole Foods Market
Made In The Maritimes
Healthy Planet
Blush Lane Organic Market
Atlantic Superstore

We also work with many independent shops across Canada who do amazing work. We want to thank them for their support and dedication to their communities. We want to give our customers the option to support their local business owners, and still have access to natural products at an affordable price point. These wonderful businesses give us that opportunity and we thank them!


National Nutrition Awards - Best Lip Care! 

We must also give a big thank you to National Nutrition, for awarding us 2019’s Best Lip / Mouth Care for our original sea kelp lip balm (Shop now).



Our original lip balm was one of the first all natural formulas for our company, and has been a best-seller ever since, mainly due to its instant moisturizing properties and anti-inflammatory benefits. We also use sustainably-sourced, untreated, organic beeswax that helps create a barrier from the environment, preventing chapping from cold winds, dry airs, or anything nature will throw your way.


It’s an honour to be recognized for the natural formulas of our products, as it’s an important foundation for our company values. We believe the best and most effective products, can also be some of the cleanest and most natural. Let nature do the work, and our skin reap the powerful benefits!

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- From The Crew @ Nova Scotia Fisherman

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