• Jeff Katz

        "My story is I suffer from mild to moderate hand psoriasis plus I suffer with fizzures mostly on the ends of my fingers. I have tried a few different crème remedies to no avail,10 days ago I decided I would try your Xtreme Skin Care w/kelp 100 mls and I haven't suffered from any painful splits and my itching...

      • Robin

        Hello all!Wanted to drop a rewarding review your way. I bought the Nova Scotia Sea Kelp lip balm maybe over three weeks ago and I love it!  As someone who struggles with finding lip balm that doesn't irritate me (bothers my throat) I was pleasantly surprised by its conditioning, scent...

      • Tracey S.

        Hello there.. I just want to take the time to tell you how much I love your products and Story. I have been using the extreme skin care hand cream for a whil now..Its the only lotion out on the market that actually works!! I love this product so much...

      • Kayle R- Antigonish Nova Scotia

        Hey guys! I just wanted to tell you that I love your product! I am a massage therapist and absolutely love your lotion for doing deep tissue, fascial work and using it on dry feet and hands. It often helps my patients get some much needed moisture and it never...

      • Nicole Davies

        Hello! I have been using your products religiously since I first tried them and I have to say you make the best lip balms and moisturizers I've ever tried. I introduced my boyfriend to your products back when we first started dating and he's been hooked ever since too. He...


    Nova Scotia Sea Kelp

    Many people are now recognizing kelp as highly beneficial ingredient in
    cosmetic products.

    We are proud to produce a 100% Natural Body Care line of products that are infused with Kelp from the shores of Canada’s Ocean Playground, Nova Scotia

    Nova Scotia has a long maritime tradition that goes back almost two centuries. Our sea-hardy ancestors earned their livelihood, found nourishment and lived by the tides

    At Nova Scotia Fisherman we have developed an Xtreme Skin Care™️ line that cares for your skin whether you are a fisherman, deckhand or simply conscious and clean 

    This slippery ingredient found all along our coastline was used for many purposes in Nova Scotian history. It was a fertilizer, banked alongside houses to keep out winter winds, and used as packing material for shipping lobster.  Harvested off the pristine shores, Nova Scotia Kelp (Fucus Vesiculosus ) has amazing anti-aging properties and has been used in health and beauty products since ancient times. It contains a bounty of ingredients that enriches and soothes dry skin, naturally