Nova Scotia Sea Kelp

Many people are now recognizing kelp as highly beneficial ingredient in
cosmetic products.

Nova Scotia Fisherman is a family and friend owned company in the heart of Nova Scotia. We are proud to produce a 100% Natural Body care line of products that are infused with Kelp from the shores of Canada’s Ocean Playground, Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia has a long maritime tradition that goes back almost two centuries. Our sea hardy ancestors earned their livelihood, found nourishment and lived by the tides. At Nova Scotia Fisherman we have developed an Xtreme Skin Care line that cares for your skin whether you are a fisherman, deckhand or simply a skin enthusiast. We use local kelp in all of our products. This slippery ingredient found all along our coast line was used for many purposes in Nova Scotian history. It was a fertilizer, banked alongside houses to keep out winter winds, and used as packing material for shipping lobster.  Nova Scotia Sea Kelp, harvested off the pristine shores, Nova Scotia Kelp (Fucus Vesiculosus ) has amazing anti-aging properties and has been used in health and beauty products since ancient times. It contains a bounty of ingredients that enriches and soothes dry skin.