Top 5 Natural Skin Care Tips For Fall

November 01, 2019

Top 5 Natural Skin Care Tips For Fall


Fall is here, and it is beautiful. With the beauty of orange, red, and yellow leaves comes colder temps and drier air. Our skin is dealing with these changes during this time and it’s important to adjust our routines to help keep our skin healthy and happy during the colder months.

Here are some little tips that can have big impacts on your skin’s appearance, vibrancy, and strength during fall:

Switch to a Thicker Moisturizer, Add Vitamin C

As the air becomes cooler and dry (loosing humidity), you want to be using a thicker moisturizer. For best results, look for all natural moisturizers with a cream-like base. Many will be made with shea, or a natural oil blend. “We need to compensate for the environmental change by adding moire moisture to the skin and helping to retain it” Julia Tzu, MD, board-certified dermatologist

Thicker moisturizers create a strong barrier, meaning they reduce water loss from the skin, while also providing and locking in hydration from the natural oils. Look for a moisturizer with a high vitamin c content (like seabuckthorn). “Vitamin C evens skin pigmentation in colder months, which helps to boost collagen production resulting in a brighter, warmer complexion” Anne Chapas, MD, board-certified dermatologist

Cut Back on Exfoliation

During the summer months when humidity is high, sweating is more common, and SPF is applied, your pores can become full, requiring exfoliation. During the cooler fall and winter months, your skin is receiving less exposure to sun, heat, and oils, which tends to leave it feeling dry.

Cut back on exfoliation during these months for best results. Switching to a bar soap infused with charcoal or sea saltcan be an effective way to gently exfoliate, without irritating the skin.


Must Have: Lip Moisturizer, Eye Cream

Start moisturizing lips in the fall to help prevent cracking and drying out during the cold winter months. Your lips are exposed to the cool fall air daily! Make sure you’re protecting with a natural beeswax balm, avoiding petroleum protects for best results. Beeswax creates a strong barrier that locks-in moisture, helps heal dry areas, and protects against the external environment.

Brown sea kelp is a natural anti-inflammatory, which can help sooth dry spots and nourish the skin with its high mineral content. Adding a natural moisturizer with kelp around the eyes can help nourish the skin and appear tighter, reducing the impact from wrinkles and aging.


Embrace Natural Soap

Fragrant, soapy body washes might feel (and smell) great, but these are essentially detergents that leave your skin dry. Especially when Fall arrives, make the switch to a natural hydrating cleanser. Stick to natural body wash’s or soap bars with hydrating oils, and not synthetic cleansers.

Make the switch can also help reduce your environmental footprint by reducing plastic consumption. Natural body wash bars can double as facial cleansers, body wash, hand wash, and even natural shampoo, reducing your plastic use even further.


Invest in Hand Cream

Hands are exposed to the cold a lot during the fall and winter months. Prevention is the key here to keeping your hands looking and feeling healthy when the air is dry and cold.

Find a moisturizer with advanced moisture AND healing properties (like sea kelp). You should look for a non-greasy, shea based lotion that is portable so that you will remember to carry it with you, where you need it, when you need it.

Have more great skincare tips? Let us know by leaving a comment below or by engaging with us on social.


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