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Today, we know that plastics, when not recycled or re-used, are filling our landfills, our oceans, and our neighbourhoods.

It is a growing issue, one in which we all contribute, or have contributed to. And as we move forward as a society to make better decisions for our health, our families health, and the health of our environment, small choices can make large impacts in helping build conscientiousness and better habits.

What we are doing about it

As a small company situated so close to the ocean, our environment and its health, is not only important to our communities and ecosystems but also to the quality of ingredients in our products and the marine life with which it shares home.

Over the past year, we have taken steps to reduce our footprint in manufacturing, corporate energy consumption, and vesting more time in consumer recycling eduction.


Some other choices we make as a company to make clean & natural products, reduce our footprint, and support a healthy environment:

- Sourcing ingredients, packaging, and materials locally
- Sourcing 100% organic ingredients whenever possible
- Testing on happy humans, never on animals
- Avoid all artificial preservatives
- No artificial colours, fragrance, or fillers
- Source organic, raw, & sustainable sea kelp from the shores of Nova Scotia
- Support & employ local farmers, harvesters, labourers, and artisans
- Monetary & branding support for the Nature Conservancy of Canada

And although we are making better decisions, even as a small company, there is always room to do more.



Our Next Step

Moving into 2020, our next mission is in packaging - Reducing the footprint of our own product packaging, and educating consumers on the benefits of being mindful of their own choices.

Changing packaging is an expensive endeavour for a small business, however we believe in the pursuit and will immediately take steps to reach our goal.

This week we’re announcing our first major step by eliminating all plastics from our natural bar soaps. By moving to compostable, recyclable, boxes, our soap bars become 100% natural and leave little-to-no negative footprint. We sourced boxes without small plastic liners, to ensure that no plastics were used, and that the packaging could be composted or recycled anywhere in North America.



“Quit The Bottle” Campaign


In addition, we’re changing the name of our Full Size soap bars to Natural Body Wash. This decision is in support of our mission to encourage consumers to skip the use of plastic bottles and harsh detergents for natural bar body wash, shampoo, and hand soaps.

Consumer grade beauty and skin products come in thick plastic containers with high purchase frequency, and their formulas contain chemical preservatives, for colour, and fragrance. Not only is this bad for your skin to absorb, but also as it travels down our drains, our waterways, and ecosystems.


Switching even one of these products to our Natural Body Wash Bar can help decrease your footprint, but also bring better decisions top of mind.

Our Body Wash Bars are true multi-use. They can be used as a full body wash, facial cleanser, hand soap, or even shampoo. Many of our customers even use them to clean their pets! All of this coming from our conscious, responsible customers who constantly impress us with intuitive ways to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.



Praise to Our Customers

At Nova Scotia Fisherman, we have some of the most responsible, educated, conscientious, and caring customers in the health & beauty industry. As we like to engage, get feedback, and start conversations with our customers - we are listening and learning all the time.

Over the past several years, it’s become apparent to us that our customers passion for clean, sustainable, natural products is only growing. And we want to keep up and produce the best products we can.



Looking forward

We’re working on sourcing sustainable alternatives to our other packaging solutions as we speak. Being a small company, It is a costly endeavour but one we believe is important and will soon become essential for companies that want to sustain, grow, and build clean products for happy customers.


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