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We can't say enough great things about Shopify. Shopify is a Canadian Company that we use to operate our online store. They make it SO incredibly easy to create your store with plenty of themes set up and options on how you want your store to look and a knowledgeable staff of "Guru's" that are always just a phone call away with the answers.

On June 27th Shopify was at the Seaport Farmers Market in Halifax hosting a "Shopclass" day. They offered a full day workshop with specialists in online marketing, sales, shipping, web design and more! 

They asked the Nova Scotia Fisherman Crew to join them in an evening panel with two other panelists , Kingsman from  Fogo Island Innand the owner of three shops in Halifax including Duly Noted , a beautiful stationary store that also has one of our boat displays!

The event was informative, fun and interesting. If you have ever had an interest in starting your own online store, Shopify is a one stop shop to get you started and we highly recommend them. They make running your small business affordable and low risk. They also host great events like this one to keep you up to date and informed on all they have to offer.

Thanks for including us in this event Shopify! It was great to meet some of your crew and to share the ups and downs we have had as an east coast business running an online store. 




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