July 12, 2018 2 min read

What Does Charcoal Do For Skin?



In making premium skin care products, it's only a matter of time before Charcoal enters the equation. 

Charcoal powder is very dense, acting as a sponge that can absorb multiple times it's own mass. In soap and skin care, it not only acts as a natural exfoliant, but also as a vacuum for our skin's biggest enemy, dirt.


Nova Scotia Fisherman Skin Care Natural Charcoal Soap with Sea Kelp


Charcoal on skin draws unwanted oils, bacteria, chemicals, smog, and other micro-particles to the surface, leaving you with clean skin and preventing irritation, like acne. 

With our natural Forest Charcoal Soap, we took it a step further and combined the anti-inflammatory, pro-antioxidant benefits of Sea Kelp with the vacuum properties of non-activated charcoal. 

So Why Our Charcoal Soap?


Nova Scotia Fisherman Skin Care Natural Charcoal Soap with Sea Kelp


1. Detoxify AND Rebuild: When your pores aren’t clear, neither is your complexion. Once you clean those pores, you want to then feed your skin with nourishing minerals, oils, and natural moisturizers. Most affordable bars you'll find, perform one or the other. Ours does both. Two fish, one hook.

2. Acne and Irritation Prevention: For dry skin that is prone to breakouts, Charcoal soap will be your new best friend and daily ritual. The name of the game here is clear pores. Although you may have products you use for the treatment of these conditions, prevention is just as, if not more important. Using our Charcoal bar as a facial cleanser, in the shower, or on dry areas will help prevent build up and break outs.

3. NATURALLY Sourced:  We source our charcoal locally in Canada. It is produced from a method that re-uses environmental waste. This production method takes less energy to produce and there will be no traces of led or other harmful substances sometimes found in Charcoal. We are confident in the premium quality of our charcoal so you can be too.

4. Cold Process Cured To Last Long: Each bar is cured for weeks before it reaches shelves or is shipped to your door. We use the cold process method of soap making to ensure every bar is dense with moisturizing agents, nutrients, and lasts long. 

5. Natural, Soothing Scent: We used natural oils from sweet orange and patchouli, to create a scent that is mild, calming, and fresh on the skin. 



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