How to use Rescue Balm (How to Naturally Heal Irritated, Dry Skin)

January 23, 2020 3 min read

How to use Rescue Balm (How to Naturally Heal Irritated, Dry Skin)

The coasts of Atlantic Canada are known for beautiful coastal views, amazing seafood, kind people, and unpredictable weather. Our winters can be wet, dry, and freezing cold. Our summers humid, hot, and full of salt water. Our springs balmy and our falls crisp. All of these seasonal changes can have big impacts on your skins health.

We’re simple people in Nova Scotia. When we set out to make a formula for repairing skin, we wanted it to be simple and to “just work”. No frills, and no empty promises. Just a skincare product that could be used to replenish moisture levels, repair damaged skin, and protect against the elements, without using chemicals or artificial fillers.

Enter: Rescue Balm


Nova Scotia Fisherman Natural Sea Kelp Skincare Made in Canada Healthy Skin


Powerful Ingredients:

Our original “fix it all” balm formula is a true natural powerhouse for repairing all skin types. Made by hand in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, the balm formula is created using an organic base of coconut, olive, castor, and jojoba oils. We then blend the oils with rich, hydrating shea, sustainably-sourced Nova Scotian beeswax, rosehip, aloe plant extract and vitamin e for natural healing properties.



Sea kelp extract:

Brown sea kelp grown along the coast of southern Nova Scotia are shown to act as anti-aging agents, improving skin elasticity and softness. Nutrient rich, Nova Scotia kelp is a natural source of magnesium, protein, fucoidan, retinol, and vitamin a. Our kelp is harvested by hand, unprocessed and raw to retain all of the healing benefits for our skin. Leaving the kelp unprocessed is where the bright, rich green colour of the balm comes from.



We use a blend of natural essential oils to create a unique scent that is fresh and calming. Chamomile, lavender, geranium, tea tree, and rosemary.

Why do we use scent? Aroma through natural fragrance can be therapeutic and aid in reducing stress. As powerful and nurturing sea kelp can be for your skin, in its raw state it is salty & briny, just like the Atlantic. Blending the raw sea kelp with essential oils helps mask the ocean scent, leaving your skin smelling fresh, and reducing stress at the same time.



Here are some conditions that Rescue Balm can help treat naturally:


- Extremely dry skin
- Cracked, cut, and scabbed skin
- Calluses
- Conditions such as: Eczema, Psoriasis & Rosacea


It can be used on:

- Lips
- Hands
- Feet
- Elbows
- Knees
- Cuts
- Wounds
- Calluses
- Dry patches / Flare ups 



How to Apply Rescue Balm:

1) Clean the application area (especially if applying to a scab, wound, cut, or callus)

2) The quantity of product used will depend on the skin issue. For general dry skin and reducing inflammation, you’ll want to apply light and make sure the product is absorbed fully by the skin. This typically occurs when the colour of the balm can no longer be recognized.

3) Observe the treated area and re-apply liberally

4) Store in a dry, cool place. If on the go, a bag or backpack removed from direct sunlight or severe heat is recommended

5) Use soap and water to rinse out the tin and recycle or repurpose




Available in a large tin or easy-apply stick for on the go



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Cathy Doody
Cathy Doody

May 26, 2020

Love your products especially the rescue balm. Thank you.

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