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5 Best Skincare Gifts for Dad 2020 - Repair Dry Hands

What to give the dad with hard working hands.. 


This year more than ever, Dad’s hands are taking abuse from over cleansing, and drying-out from sanitizing. Although Dads are usually the ones who need to be paying extra care to their hands, they are often left neglected. 


The key to healthy skin is to find a routine + products that are simple and work. This shouldn’t be at the expense of adding in chemical ingredients they don’t need. Simple, natural, effective. Rinse and repeat. 


1) Cleanser for Daily Use: 


Hands get dirty. We know that now more than ever. And although removing germs and bacteria is why we wash, we don’t want to do harm during the process. 

Cheap liquid soaps can be handy (get it), but they’re often filled with cheap synthetic chemicals for creating lather and removing germs.. These can dry out the skin, making dry hands much worse, and the harmful ingredients become absorbed into the skin. 

Get yourself a good-old fashioned natural soap bar and nourish skin while you wash. Natural soaps are great for removing germs because of their rich lather and surfactant level. And natural oils help nourish and repair the skin, while lifting and removing bacteria. 


Soap Bar - Fundy Clay & Mint 


Our best-selling soap bar full of nourishing natural ingredients, including soothing mint, Atlantic sea kelp, and caolin clay. Natural bar soap desecrates germs while repairing dry skin with natural oils. Our soap bars are safe for hands, body, face and hair. Hand made in Nova Scotia near the Bay of Fundy. 



2) Daily Hand Cream: 


Just as removing bacteria is important, so is keeping our skin healthy. Washing repeatedly will eventually cause the skin to dry out as the natural oils are removed. Use a natural moisturizer or hand cream to replenish skin and bring back it back to equilibrium. Same rules apply here, cheaper/synethic options will have many chemicals and fillers, stick to natural. 


Deck Hands Hand Cream


Hard working hands needs a hard working cream. Deck Hands is our most moisturizing formula for repairing and protecting dry hands. Works instantly, dries fast, and smells great. Made with Atlantic sea kelp, cacao, aloe, rich organic shea. Scented ocean fresh with grapefruit, lemongrass, patchouli, and cedarwood. 


3) Natural Repair Balm:


Calluses, blisters, cuts, scrapes, burns, bites.. these things happen. But a small problem neglected can become a larger one, taking time to heal. Natural balms are great because they’re ultra-moisturizing and multi-use. If it’s natural, it can be used as a topical on irritated areas, but also as a moisturizer on very dry patches of skin. Great for those with skin conditions and irritation.


Rescue Balm


Rescue Balm is our fix-it-all natural formula made with powerful Nova Scotia sea kelp. Hydrating balm for use on dry skin, cuts, scrapes, scratches, burns, and everything in between. Healing for those with conditions, all natural and safe for all skin types. Great for Dad to have in the car, at home, and on the go.



4) Cleanser for Very Dry Hands: 


For those with hard working hands, or hobbies that leave our hands worn and dry (think hiking, fishing, camping, biking, surfing, etc), daily soap may not cut it. Look for natural soap bars with added moisturizing properties and vitamin e. This can help speed up the healing process while you cleanse, and return hands to a healthy centre. 


Soap Bar - Rescue Balm 


For those with skin conditions, or working hands that need serious moisture repair, this soap bar is infused with our powerful Rescue Balm formula. Use as a daily hand cleanser and see results fast from powerful, healing Nova Scotia sea kelp. 


5) Cuticle Care: 


Neglected for many, our cuticle health can impact our bodies exposure to bacteria and the protection of healthy nail growth. The area can get dry, damaged, and infected, especially when using your hands is a daily occurrence. It's important to care for the entire nail area and keep it clean so that your nails stay healthy, prevents pain and helps decrease chance of infection. 


Cuticle Rescue 


Repair hangnails, cuts, scrapes, and inflammation with our Cuticle Rescue formula. Made with vitamin c + collagen rich sea buckthorn oil, castor oil, coconut oil, Atlantic sea kelp, and vitamin e. Easy to fit in a pocket or bag. 



Bonus 6) For The Outdoorsman: 


Being outdoors means Dad’s lips are going to be exposed to the elements. Wind, humidity, sun can all dry out lips fast. When choosing a lip balm, look for a balm made with Natural Beeswax. Beeswax is nature’s best natural method to help lock in moisture, while also creating a barrier against the external environment. Any additional nutrients for healing and vitamin e are important.


Lip Balm 


Our lip balms are made to lock in moisture, and create a barrier from the outside elements. So whether you’re at home, or out on the boat, camping, running trails, or fishing, our lip balms work fast. Made with organic, natural beeswax, organic shea butter, and skin-repairing vitamin e.


Bonus 7) For Moustache, Beard, or Stubble: 


Beards are great, if managed. While oils can help soften facial hairs, balms offer a 3 in 1 use and more bang for your buck. Natural beard balms are made from hydrating oils and wax (beeswax), meaning they hydrate, de-odourize AND offer a bit of styling / shaping. Get one in an applicator stick for mess-free application on the go. 


Beard Balm 


Moisturize, de-odourize, and style with our natural Beard Balm. Apply after a shower, or for a quick refresh on the go. All natural and made with certified organic oils. Fresh scents of citrus, mint, or musk. 


For the Really Good Dad: 


Our Father’s Day Gift Set


Our Father's Day gift set has everything Dad needs to wash away germs, repair dry hands, dry lips, and protect against the elements.

Hiking, yard work, boating, biking, camping.. this set will have him covered.  Made with soothing, natural scents from the east coast and infused with powerful Nova Scotia sea kelp.

This set qualifies for Free Shipping and will include a small gift card. Leave your personal message in order notes during checkout :) 


To Dad’s Everywhere, Thank you! 



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