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Seaweed (kelp) is a nutrient-rich, ocean plant found all over the world. Each type dwelling from different geographic areas, water temperatures, and ecosystems yield different health benefits, both for skin and body.



In Canada, we have some of the richest ocean plant marine ecosystems in the world. The North Atlantic Coast of Canada is famous for its icy, clean waters that are continuously replenished by the world's highest tides which average 14 feet or 4.25 meters from high to low tide. Our pristine shorelines are covered in all types of rich, marine plants that can be used to help treat a variety of ailments and conditions. 




Nova Scotia Fisherman products are infused with a type of sea kelp plant called Fucus Vesiculosus. This dark, nutrient-rich seaweed is found in cold shallow waters around Nova Scotia. Traditionally used as a treatment for thyroid due to the plants' rich iodine content, Fucus has more recently been recognized for its many benefits to our skin. 


What Are Kelps Skincare Benefits?



Fucus is rich in magnesium, protein, fucoidan, retinol, and many vitamins / minerals (specifically vitamin a and c).

"Research findings associate various potential health benefits to Fucus that may help in treatment of atherosclerosis and immunity. It has also been reported to be of high potential use as an antioxidant, in estrogen-related cancer treatment and act as an anti-aging agent by improving skin elasticity and softness."

- Acadian Sea Plus, Nova Scotia 2019



Recently, skincare benefits have been linked with its antioxidant numbers and detoxification. Fucus kelps' high mineral content can act as a shield against damaging environmental agents, boost skin’s natural defence system, and help get rid of toxins. 

The extract is also known for its reduction impact on inflammation (both when ingested and applied topically). Topically, the plant can help reduce redness and scarring from conditions like rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, and excessive dry skin.

High mineral moisturization, detoxification, and reduced inflammation - this is the winning combination for slowing the aging process of our skin. 


Where Our Kelp Is Sourced


Our kelp is harvested from the southern tip of Nova Scotia, near Yarmouth or Pubnico shore. These shores are pristine, largely unpopulated, and full of rich ecosystems of Atlantic marine life. 





Our harvesters, Acadian Sea Plus, work with local fisherman in the off season to  train as sustainable ocean plant harvesters. The organization is a fully-integrated, biotech company that is responsible for every stage - from the sustainable harvesting and cultivation of marine plants, applied and fundamental research, technology development and engineering, to manufacturing and quality assurance.

The harvest and processing is both Pro-Cert and USDA organic certified.



How Our Kelp Is Harvested (Sustainably)



Sustainability and quality are at the core of the cultivation process. The kelp is cut by hand using specifically designed ocean rakes. This prevents the plant from being cut at the root, keeps the ocean bed unaffected, and assures only the top portions of the plant are cut. This process also helps with growing a rich ocean forest - think mowing your lawn. 

In any season, only 25% of forests are available for harvest. This prevents over-cultivation and any chance of disturbing marine life. The cultivation areas are monitored by both Acadian Sea Plus and the Government of Canada to assure these areas remain environmentally rich and unaffected.




After a short trip, the kelp is brought to shore and set to dry. The kelp is dried naturally in the open, using only the sun and fresh air, as to not impact its nutritional content and colour. 

Once dried, the kelp is then processed into a fine powder using no additives or artificial preservatives, where we (Nova Scotia Fisherman) receive the raw, organic super plant.




How Kelp Is Incorporated Into Our Skincare Products


The raw, organic powder is mixed into a natural oil base that can consist of coconut, olive, castor, shea or RSPO palm.

The powder extract is untreated and avoids contact with heat to retain its strength and nutritional content. We choose not to use artificial colouring in our products, displaying the rich green hue from the ocean plant in our balms.





For more information on our skincare products, our sea kelp, or sustainable harvesting practices, get in touch with us here.


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