Wine Bar

Scent: Dark Berry, Cedar, Oak & Moss

Nova Scotia Fisherman with Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyard collaborate to bring you a full-bodied experience of local variety. This premium soap bar is created in small batches, aged to perfection, keeping a close eye to detail and completely inspired by vines and seas.

Made in Nova Scotia with sustainably-sourced Atlantic Sea Kelp and Annapolis Valley Fauna Red Wine. Providing a deep, natural cleanse with soothing anti-aging properties. An excellent soap for controlling oily skin. 

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Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards is a family owned & operated farm-winery located in the heart of Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley. With close proximity to the Bay of Fundy and the world's highest tides, coastal breezes help create wines of great distinction

Stem to stern, Wine Bar is 100% made in Nova Scotia using only natural ingredients close to the sea 





Red Wine Soap is excellent for naturally cleansing pores and controlling oily skin. This small-batch bar is aged to provide a rich full-bodied lather for long-lasting use



Layered top notes of Dark Berry. Fresh coastal Cedar planks, with a base of earthy Oak & Moss



Wine Bar is made with Fauna Red Wine. A Nova Scotian blend of cold-hardy Red varieties including LEON MILLOT, MARQUETTE & PETIT PEARL. Unique to Atlantic Canada's unpretictable climate