How We've Given Back



Nature Conservancy


Within Canada, the Nature Conservancy is such a crucial part of maintaining our lands, our heritage, and protecting the environments that we call home. 

When we initially created the Nova Scotia Fisherman brand, one of our co-owners, and clean product activist Bob MacLeod, was asked by The Nature Conservancy of Canada to speak about business and environmental responsibility at their Corporate Leaders Conference. Bob was very inspired by their work and a partnership was born. We worked with a supported the Nature Conservancy and their efforts for over 5 years. 

As Nova Scotians and Canadians, we value our landscape and the place we call home. We believe that it is our responsibility to support our local communities and help protect the land that has shaped us, while ensuring it's sustainability for future generations. These beliefs are represented in how we choose to source and produce every Nova Scotia Fisherman product.

Since 1971 the Nature Conservancy of Canada has worked to protect our province's natural treasures.

To learn more about the amazing work being done at the Nature Conservancy of Canada, or to get involved, please visit:




In-Store Boat Displays

Our hand crafted boat displays are made in the beautiful Annapolis Valley at Plank Industries, a not-for-profit vocational service centre providing supportive vocational skill development and employment opportunities for members of our community with cognitive and physical challenges.

Plank Industries operates as a community options program for our local Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre. Located a short distance from our headquarters in Nova Scotia, we are thrilled to work with this team on their mission to provide a safe, encouraging and team oriented work environment for individuals with different capabilities and skill sets. 

 This display took many inspired hands to create and our entire crew is very proud of the results :)