Partnering with Nature Conservancy of Canada

In launching the Nova Scotia Fisherman line we have formed a partnership with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). Since their first project here in 1971, the NCC has become Atlantic Canada’s largest private land conservation organization. The NCC works on a landscape scale to acquire, manage and restore habitats, including some of the region’s most iconic landscapes. At-risk and threatened species such as the nationally endangered Piping Plover and threatened Newfoundland Marten benefit from this protection. NCC relies on the generosity of supporters to continue their work. Their supporters know that every dollar donated to NCC is a dollar well invested.

Did You Know?
The Piping Plover, with its musical call and quick movements, is a lively reminder of our coastline’s fragile beauty. Each spring, this internationally endangered shorebird returns to the Atlantic Provinces. It nests on sandy beaches and uses gravel and broken seashells to help disguise the location of its eggs. Once hatched, Piping Plover chicks can run and forage for food within just a few hours of hatching!
The Piping Plover has been designated as endangered or at risk of extinction by the Committee on the Status of Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) since 1985. There are many threats to the survival of this rare bird and its tiny chicks. Nova Scotia Fisherman is proud to support the NCC’s conservation efforts for the piping plover and other wildlife throughout the country.