Jade Gua Sha - Facial Massage Stone

Used to increase blood flow, promote lymphatic movement, and enhance hydration uptake. Protective to sensitive skin, the process of "Gua Sha" helps reduce lines, improving tone & vibrance

How to use: Cleanse hands & face. Apply a topical facial serum, oil, cream or combination. Gently massage cheeks, chin, jaw, forehead or neck with the tool, for a full demonstration click here

Sea Green Jade Stone - This Gua Sha facial massage stone is made of cooling Jade stone, with every crafted tool having a unique pattern and sea green colour. The tool enhances the daily ritual by visibly lifting and smoothing the skin - promoting a brighter complexion, relieving tension and enhancing contours. It is a great solution for loss of firmness and elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles

*Includes green satin travel bag