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As more and more publications on the negative impacts from liquid, chemical, anti-bacterial soaps appear, those in search of chemical-free, healthy skincare are moving towards more natural soaps. 


Natural soaps are for those who want a gentle cleanser, like the soft feeling on their skin, and want safe ingredients for their family to use. 



Nova Scotia Fisherman natural, sea kelp soaps are all made using the cold process method.

The cold process method of soap making is the most natural way to produce soap. It requires fewer chemicals and additives than other methods, and the outcome is a higher-quality, dense, and longer-lasting bar.

To fully understand the benefit of cold processed soaps, we first have to touch on saponification (fun word, eh?). 

Saponification is the chemical reaction between any fat (olive, coconut, castor oils, ethically sourced palm) and in our case, sodium hydroxide. This produces glycerol and a fatty acid salt, called soap! When sodium hydroxide is used, rather than potassium hydroxide, it produces a hard, higher quality soap - increasing the bar's longevity and "frothing" power.


Because no excess heat or chemicals are used, essentials oils and plant-based additives for skin benefits, or fragrance, don't break down and lose strength. 



In Nova Scotia Fisherman soaps, we infuse many anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and fragrant ingredients such as:

Nova Scotia Sea Kelp, Organic Shea, Sweet Orange, Tangerine Oil, Ginger Root, Lemongrass, Seabuckthorn, Apple Cider, Cinnamon, Cardomon, Nutmeg, Peppermint, Lavender, Charcoal, Patchouli, Bayberry, among many others.



Once our bars are made, we then allow them to complete the saponification process and oxygenate in controlled temperature for 4-6 weeks. Each bar loses water during this time, making the bar denser. The harder the bar, the longer it will last. 


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