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Summer is vacation time! If you’re like most of us, you enjoy kicking back with friends, family, exploring new places and taking in some sun. 

Although it’s nice to break routine and have some much-needed R&R, our skin unfortunately takes no days off. While we’re relaxing, our skin is still doing it’s job (and under more summer-related stress). 

It’s important to take small steps to help your skin remain healthy, nourished, and clear while you travel the globe, camp for the weekend, or take that much-needed staycation. 


Here are our rules for keeping your skin happy, healthy, and strong while on the go:



Rule #1 Pack Light - Bring the essentials 


No one loves a heavy packer. When you’re on the go you want to be nimble, and the last thing you want is to be carrying around your bathroom in a backpack. 

In general you want: 

These four pillars will get you through all climates and keep your skin nourished + resilient against changing conditions. They should be your must-haves in a travel pack. 



Rule #2 All about Moisture


The most simple way to keep our skin nourished, looking young + healthy… moisturizing! There are three times during the day your skin needs a “kelping” hand..

  • First thing in the morning 
  • Immediately after sun exposure 
  • Right before bed 

Applying a natural moisturizer at these times throughout the day ensures your skin doesn’t dry out, receives the nourishment and oils it requires to help support elasticity, and our sea kelp extract helps to reduce redness, inflammation, and all the goodness that can come with seasonal allergies + being outdoors.



Rule #3 Cleanse & Remove


A big part in preventing skin irritation and breakouts is removing dead skin, dirt, and excess oils from the skins surface. Some liquid body washes have trouble with exfoliation, and also contain strong chemicals like detergents that can dry out your skin (and seep into your pores).

Switching to a natural soap bar has many benefits:



Rule #4 Don’t Neglect Your Lips


Our lips are exposed to the air and elements 24-7. Humidity, sun, salt water, dry air plane cabins.. These can all impact how your lips retain moisture, retain a healthy colour, and feel to your partner (smooch). 

Applying a natural balm with beeswax helps create a barrier that prevents most of these issues, without using added chemicals or fillers. 

Apply as you would a moisturizer (3 times per day), and keep one in your car/pocket/bag for on the go (See our sea kelp lip balm double packs).



Rule #5 After sun is just as important as pre-sun


We all know the importance of being cautious to sun exposure. SPF and reducing exposure is key to preventing skin damage from too many rays. But what about after you’re out of the sun? The few hours after sun exposure is a sensitive time for your skin as it adjusts and tones from vitamin d. Moisturizing during this period ensures the skin receives new oil content to replenish, essential vitamins + minerals, and helps reduce the appearance of burns by toning. 

Always look for natural moisturizers without artificial chemicals, parabens, and other fillers as your skin will absorb any topical very quickly, and you want to provide the best nutrients. 



Rule #6 Get Rest and moisturize your eyes 


This has less to do with products as it does with routine! Sleep is essential for us, we know that. But more importantly, proper sleep is essential for healthy looking skin. A good nights sleep can help prevent bags under the eyes, induce proper collagen production, and maintain hydration levels in the body. 

Tip - place a natural moisturizing cream under your eyes before bed, and it will help prevent inflammation and puffiness in the morning (See our bayberry & sea fennell moisturizer).



Rule #7 Drink water and keep it simple. A little goes a long way


Our last, but most important rule goes without saying - If you want healthy skin, you need to keep your body properly hydrated. Topicals and nutrient dense moisturizers will only help so much if your body is dehydrated from the inside-out. 

Drink water throughout the day and drink a glass first thing in the morning to help prevent dehydration and keep your skin looking toned, healthy, and glowing. 

Remember - caffein and salt water swimming both have negative impacts on our hydration levels. Up the water intake after that morning Joe or morning surf! 




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