Nova Scotia Fisherman Extreme Skin Care

  • Seabuckthorn

    Seabuckthorn is a local bush berry and we use it in 4 of our products.

    • Seabuckthorn & Shea Soap
    • Seabuckthorn Body Lotion ( 360ml/ 100ml)
    • Cuticle Rescue
    • Salt N' Sea Body Scrub

    Seabukthorn grows predominantly by the ocean and in ancient times horses would often feed on this coastal berry and it would keep their coats shiny.

    Seabuckthorn has %100 times the amount of vitamin C in one berry as an Orange has.

    Vitamin C is great for

    • toning your skin
    • reducing appearance of dark spots
    • stimulates collagen reproduction ( great for cuticles and firming your skin)
    • we recommend this lotion on your face. Not only is the light citrus scent wonderful for boosting your mood in the mornings, it will leave your skin feeling fresh and toned.



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