About Us

Two Guys, one great idea!

In 2000 Nephew Les and Uncle Perly began a new adventure together creating environmentally friendly, organic soy wax candles. Their small business grew and they were given opportunities to work with great companies such as Kiss My Face Cosmetics, Ritz Carlton Hotels, Old Navy and David’s Teas. This experience gave Les and Perly the idea to launch their own line of body care products, Nova Scotia Fisherman!

Keeping their business ideals the same, Les and Perly decided to create the 100% natural skin care line on their own, utilizing the endless list of amazing skin rejuvenating properties of an ingredient they had both been using Nova Scotia Sea Kelp. After discovering all of the amazing effects of this slippery ingredients the decided to use it in everything!

Nova Scotia Fisherman doesn’t stop at great ingredients, a portion of every sale benefits the Nature Conservancy of Canada. It is important to Les and Perly that they give back to this beautiful landscape they call home.

Not only was it important for them to create a quality product but they were also on a mission to enhance where they live by providing quality employment in rural Nova Scotia. They continue to measure their success based on how they are contributing to their rural community and the people in it. Creating opportunities for manufacturing jobs in rural Nova Scotia is a great success on their part.

Working with Burnt out Solutions Inc ( BOSI) they employed a team of people who may have had barriers to regular employment and provide work orders for local adults. They began producing products that are healthier for their families, homes and environment.

Inspired by their community, environment and the people they serve, Les and Uncle Perley have worked hard to produce a quality all natural line that doesn't compromise on people or the environment.


Meet the NSF Crew:

The Captains:
Perley Beairsto
Les Falconer

Deck Hands :

Gavin Gates

Carrie Dorman

Cindy Webster

Tasha Huntley

Marcia Lawrence

Sarah Huntley 

Tassi Sewell

Mike LeGoffic

Shannon MacLean

Jennifer Falconer