Nova Scotia Fisherman

Hostess Spirits Bundle

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Each bundle includes:

Beer Bar (Soap)

Wine Bar (Soap)

Barrel of Whiskey Soy Wax Candle 

All natural skincare set infused with Ale & Pinot from the Gaspereau Valley of the Bay of Fundy. 

Beer Bar - Fresh Spice, Spearmint, Grapefruit, Black Pepper, Lavender. This hand crafted bar is made with beer brewed from local hops in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia (Sea Level Brewing). Natural hops contain skin softening amino acids which can sooth irritated and inflamed skin (great for combatting acne or razor burn). 

Wine Bar - Dark Berry, Cedar, Oak & Moss. Nova Scotia Fisherman with Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyard collaborate to bring you a full-bodied experience of local variety. This premium Wine soap bar is created in small batches, aged to perfection, keeping a close eye to detail and completely inspired by vines and seas.

Barrel of Whiskey Candle - Whiskey, Oak & Patchouli. Made with 100% natural soy wax & premium fragrance made from natural ingredients. 25+ hr burn time & the very best wick. Hand poured in Nova Scotia, Canada

Our soap bars are cold process, hand made, using only natural ingredients (certified organic)

Healing, Nourishing, Anti-Aging, Powerful Nova Scotia Sea Kelp - Infused into NS Fisherman Skin Care for all of the added mineral & vitamin benefits to maintaining healthy skin. Harvested sustainably from the pristine Southern shores of Nova Scotia (raw, vegan & certified organic). 

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