Jen Snow

July 28, 2015

Good morning,
My name is Jen and I just wanted to tell you how much my family loves your products. 
While on a road trip last week on the Cabot Trail my friend first bought your rescue balm. My friend has had psoriasis for 2 years.She used your rescue balm on it for the last 10 days and it softened it right up.
We all put it on our sunburns, it also took the itch out of my bug bites.
It is absolutely amazing. 
Then we found your lotions in Sydney and bought them. They are great not greasy so you can use it on your face as well.  
My friend also bought your foot scrub and loved it. It is so exciting to find new natural products that can be used to moisturize and cure up any skin irritations.
We are back in Ontario now and was pleasantly surprised to have found it in our health food store.
I just wanted to tell you what amazing products you have.
Thank you
Jen Snow

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Arlene Hughes
Arlene Hughes

November 19, 2016

Just tried several of your products and was so impressed. Can’t wait to try them all. Lip balm is amazing! You can feel it working. Love it! Thank you.


December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas & Wish your team a very Happy 2016!
Last night I was shopping for Christmas and bumped into your display of items again!…Each time I smelt the fennel soap bar, I wished I bought all of them and suddenly something appealing caught my eyes…something for all of Life’s Rough Patches…gosh! the rescue balm!…I tried on my shin (which usually turns dry during winters and turns into eczema) NO MATTER WHATEVER I TRIED NOTHING WORKED!…But your tiny little tin did wonders….stuff is worth the price and my kids love your lotions…..Pls. pls. pls. come up with some good shampoos…Love you folks…Varsha :-)

Carolyn Lawson
Carolyn Lawson

December 17, 2015

Bought a tube of NS FISHERMAN Hand & Body Cream last week at Super Store. My hands feel satiny soft. Love it!

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