Recurring Billing

June 30, 2016

Take the ease out of re-ordering and set up a schedule!

We will automatically send you the products you run out of. You just choose how often you would like them to come and they will show up on your door step!

Never run out of your favorite Nova Scotia Fisherman items again.

  1. Select the item(s) you would like to have refilled
  2. Select when you would like us to send them (every 1-5 months)
  3. Make your purchase, get 15% off every order and never worry about refilling again!
  4. You can Cancel or change you order ANYTIME


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Natural Skincare Gift Guide - Mothers Day 2019
Natural Skincare Gift Guide - Mothers Day 2019

May 08, 2019

A day to appreciate the amazing mothers in our lives.

We all know mothers who have positively impacted our own lives or the lives of those around us. All too often we get caught up in the day to day, and sometimes forget to offer those who care for us, appreciation. 

What better way to say "thank you" than the gift that keeps on giving - healthy skin.

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Top 4 Skin Benefits of Goats Milk Soap
Top 4 Skin Benefits of Goats Milk Soap

May 03, 2019

When it comes to treating (and cleansing) your skin naturally, Goats Milk is a natural, very powerful ingredient that packs a lot of benefits. 

When added as an ingredient in cold-process soaps, it's an amazing alternative to synthetic facial cleansers, body washes, and yes, even shampoos. 

There are essentially 4 compounds in Goats Milk that make it a powerful agent for creating & maintaining healthy skin:

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Spring Skin Care Tips For Sensitive Skin
Spring Skin Care Tips For Sensitive Skin

April 25, 2019 2 Comments

The changing seasons - sensitive skin’s friend or enemy. Changes in humidity, temperature, sun exposure, and wind can have a significant impact on your body’s biggest organ - your skin. For those of us with sensitive skin, or who suffer from a condition like rosacea, eczema, or psoriasis, preventing skin care issues during seasonal changes can be difficult. 

Luckily, there are simple (and affordable) solu...

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