A beautiful testimonial from a Nurse...

September 01, 2016

We often receive notes from nurses who use our hand lotion and rescue balm. We have so much respect for the hard work Nurses do and are grateful that our products can bring them some relief to their hard working hands. We wanted to share this particularly touching story with you from a Nurse in Maine...

"Dear fisherman crew!
I am an RN living in the far reaches of Northern Maine. My family and I lived in Toronto Ontario for five years prior to moving here. Thankfully due to our location I am able to cross to Sobeys often to pick up things we fell in love with while living in Canada.

I stumbled upon your rescue balm on such a trip day and picked it up to try on my poor, chapped, aching hands. Being a nurse is rough on hands! Sweating in plastic gloves, covered in sanitizers and washed then washed even more! The dry winters here suck any remaining moisture out. So I threw the rescue balm into my nursing bag and drag it out to my desk to use periodically through the night shift. It's the only cream/lotion I can use at work. For some magical reason it doesn't leave your hands feeling gummy if you use hand gel after! So protective. Plus the packing easily slips into anything!

Last night, in our hospital, I had an elderly patient with dementia who was struggling. Combative and weeping, she felt deserted and scared. Her family had left for the day and she could not understand why she was, as she stated, abandoned with us.

So we convinced this weak, distraught women to come and sit in a chair by us nurses throughout the shift at the desk. We wrapped her in a quilt,  gave her a bit of ice cream and streamed some classical music. She remained non talkative and would not make eye contact with us, refusing all medicine and care.

Around 10pm, 3 hours in, I grabbed my rescue balm and put some on. My patient began to inhale deeply and asked what the scent was. I showed her the tin and told her how much I loved this cream. She sniffed the tin a little more then shyly asked if she could use some. So I scooped some out, massaged her hands and she spent the next few minutes with her hands placed over her face deeply inhaling. When she took her hands down she had the loveliest smile on her face. She said that the cream did indeed feel excellent and that the scent reminded her of home. She calmed considerably and chatted with the staff. She took her medications and allowed nursing staff to care for her.  An hour later she crawled into bed with her hands on her face still smelling them.
Thank you! I know when you make a product such as this there is no knowing how it will reach and touch an audience. Your product made the difference in someone's life. It made an elderly confused woman feel comforted and enabled the nursing staff to provide vital care she needed to improve and go home with family.

Your product is superior to all others in every way. I will carry a tin in my purse, both cars, my girls gym bags, my work bag and by my bed until I cannot ever find it again. Which is hopefully never.

Thank you. For having the faith in your product to work so hard to make it so readily available to everyone!

Cheers this nurses week,
Kate M, RN"

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