Nova Scotia Fisherman and Back to School

September 05, 2013

September, although the end of summer has the feeling of new beginnings. As a child I was always thrilled with getting new clothes and school supplies for the start of the year. My “Grease Lightning” lunch box with the oh so cool Olivia Newton John, Mary Janes with the ultra white socks to the knee and hair elastics with marbles attached (never understood that trend). I would wait for that first bus ride and think of all the possibilities for a new year.

At Nova Scotia Fisherman we are celebrating new beginnings as we enter our second year. We are releasing 3 new soaps with inspiring new botanicals and oils. Scents such as wild mint, citrus, and apple bring to mind a fresh start and that feeling of rejuvenation. Our Kelp from Acadian Seaplants, (a great Nova Scotia Company, is still incorporated in all of our hand poured soaps.

We have had an amazing year with over 200 new retailers now selling our product. Meanwhile I get to recapture the feeling of new beginnings as we journey into a new year for Nova Scotia Fisherman. My pencils are sharp and I have a fresh notebook (always Hilroy) and I went out and got a new pair of Mary Janes to commemorate the occasion. Still debating the socks, should I still ride that fashion wave?

Shannon MacLean

Ship to Shore Communications

Nova Scotia Fisherman

902 681 1362

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cheryl rhind
cheryl rhind

July 10, 2014

Where can I buy your extreme skin care lotion between Halifax and Truro?The first purchase was last fall at the green thumb in pictou county.Going to St Peters Cape Breton Sat am and have request to bring more product.Thank you


February 03, 2014

Thankyou so much for the lip balm! It’s my first product to try and I am sooooo impressed! I have tried many many lip products with very little improvement in my damaged upper lip texture. Your product is making a difference. I am no longer in pain!! The skin of the lip is healing after two years of torture. I am so grateful! Prosper and be in good health. You are making a difference!

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