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    Yes it is mosquito season! I am one of those unfortunate people that seem to attract more than their fair share of biters. Gathering with friends I am used as bait and sit at the opposite end of the table so my so- called friends can enjoy the summer evening while I become anemic.  We often speculate about the reasons why some people attract more mosquitos. I thought it was because I am a sweet, kind, and gentle soul but these are not exactly the attributes that our sixed legged friends are looking for. Scientists are studying various factors such as blood type, carbon dioxide in the breath, body temperature and alcohol consumption.

    Regardless of how they find me attractive,  I have tried numerous methods of keeping the critters at bay. I found my shield right beneath my nose. At Nova Scotia Fisherman we have created an amazing Rescue Balm that I always use as an after bite, a sunburn treatment, and to moisturize dry heels. Over the weekend I discovered that Rescue Balm not only sooths skin irritations after the fact but also acts as a repellant.

    Curious I reviewed our ingredients to see if some were known as natural repellants. Lavender, geranium, chamomile, tea tree oil, rose and rosemary all have properties that act as repellants and they are also in our Rescue Balm.  Now I am armed with Rescue Balm where ever I go this summer. I feel like the little old lady on the hot sauce commercial… “Nova Scotia Fisherman Rescue Balm, I put that *#Z&%   on everything”


    Shannon MacLean

    Ship to Shore Communications

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    • Teresa Steeves says...

      I live here in the valley and I did watch The Dragons Den the evening you featured your product. As I have experienced skin problems for many years, I am interested in where I can purchase the sample pack locally (without shipping)
      Wishing you success in your endeavor!!!

      On February 15, 2015

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