Dude, Where’s My Lotion ???

June 06, 2013


Hey guys spring has sprung and for many of you that means busting out the “Armor All” and getting the  pride and joy in tip top condition. You may think a spring tune up is reserved for your car but maybe it is time to give yourself a “Man”tenancecheck!


To get your skin hitting on all  cylinders you need high preformance personal care products to get you in gear. You want to invest in a body lotion that gets rid of all dry skin that causes rough patches or itch. The bonus of using a good all natural  body lotion is that it conditions the skin making it look healthier and younger. When selecting a soap or showel  gel check the ingredients. Some soaps smell great but they actually strip your skin of natural oils. Look for a natural olive oil, kelp based soap that actually cleans and mositurizes your skin.


When working on really tough areas such as elbows and rough cracked hands,   you need something that that puts oils back in the skin to heal  the damage. Body balms are mostly oil base and really help seal in moisture and protect from further wear and tear.


So men give yourself a  “Man”tenance check so you don’t spend time in the shop when you could be cruising the strip.


Shannon MacLean


Ship to Shore Communications


Nova Scotia Fisherman




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