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    Read My Lips...
    Lip Balm an All Purpose Product???


    Recently I came down with a soul stealing cold it seemed to last forever and I wanted to amputate my nose by day five. Hurrah!! Lip Balm to the rescue! So soothing and I didn't have to remove my Santa style nose. So while at home sick, I got on "The Google" (I swear it sighs when I start typing). I found an amazing array of uses for Lips Balms (don't let its everyday name fool you).

    Joints- Dry scaly elbows can find a helping friend in lip balm. It can be a soothing fix for these overworked and weathered areas.

    Cuticles- Lip balm can help soften torn cuticles so they don't snag on your mittens. (Don't you hate that?)

    Hair- fly-a-ways and dry ends have always been jealous of the attention you give your lips. A little dab of lip balm will hydrate and soothe the ends of your lovely locks.

    Shaving- The first cut is always the deepest but don't use that tell-tale torn bit of tissue. A dash of lip balm will end the bloodshed.

    CDs- Yes some people still use them and with a thin layer of lip balm you can stop your old favs from skipping. Can't wait to play my 80's One Hit Wonders. (Rock on Funky Town by Lipps Inc.)

    Keep a Light Bulb from Sticking - OK what the what! Sometimes light sockets get sticky and the bulb is hard to replace. If you coat the threads with lip balm they will remove later with ease. (Newfie's call this one D'a Glowin' Kiss)

    Keep your shoes tied! Loose laces sink ships! That's not how the saying goes but slippery laces are a huge annoyance but here comes our all-purpose lip balm hero to the rescue. A thin layer over the ties that bind and you'll be running fine.

    dapper handyman explores many uses for lip balm. Help sticky drawers, (not your drawers - the cabinet drawers) windows and even zippers. With a dab of lip balm and it will be smooth sailing.



    Number one use for lip balm is preparing your Lips for Valentine's Day!

    Thanks Google and all of the intrepid souls that step out of the box to try new things. Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

    Shannon MacLean

    Ship to Shore Communications

    Nova Scotia Fisherman

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