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  • January Resolutions

    2012 is now in the rear view window. Nova Scotia Fisherman was buoyed by the response of consumers and retailers since our Canadian launch in September 2012. 60 stores from across Canada and the United Kingdom now carry our products!

    It is now mid-January and we are getting ready for Expo West in Anaheim, California.  “…California here we come, right back where we started from…”  Initially we tested Nova Scotia Fisherman at Expo West in March of last year and now we are ready to launch in the United States. Ahoy, neighbours to the south!  We are preparing to dock soon to a retailer near you.

    As we are getting ready for the show I have been thinking about New Year’s resolutions and the ones I have already broken… I didn’t even make it to the end of January! I googled broken resolutions and found the The Time’s List of Broken Resolutions and realized that Nova Scotia Fisherman products can revitalize some of these broken promises and help you continue with a fresh start in 2013:

    #3 Learn Something New- By checking out our website you can learn why kelp is great for your skin!

    #5 Get out of Debt and Save Money- Nova Scotia Fisherman products are available at great prices helping you save when choosing all natural products.

    #7 Travel to New Places- Try our Nova Scotia Fisherman Lotion and you will feel like you are visiting our summer shores (Ok so I am stretching it a bit but you are always welcome to visit Nova Scotia!)

    #8 Be Less Stressed- Our rescue and lip balm doesn’t stress your skin and our ingredients will ease your mind

    #9 Volunteer- by using our products you are supporting the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Sort of like second degree participation.

    Happy January Everyone


    Shannon MacLean 

    Ship to Shore Communications 


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    California by Phantom Planet

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