Nova Scotia Fisherman Extreme Skin Care

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     It is so exciting to hear from people outside our company. Of course we love our product but when you launch a new product to the world you hold your breath and hope everyone loves it just as much as you do. We would like to thank all of our new supporters media, customers and retailers. It sends a thrill throughout the factory and office when someone takes the time to post a comment or call to let us know that they are a fan of what we do. Here are a few comments form new customers of Nova Scotia Fisherman:

    Alice Oickle I tried this at Larry Salsman's Drug Store, and thought it was an excellent product.

    Dots & Loops Handmade We fell in love with these products by Nova Scotia Fisherman and are happy to announce that we will now be carrying them! They smell like love.

    Julia M. Feltham I just visited where Nova Scotia Fisherman products are made. Did ya know Acadian seaplants kelp + made in valley by lovely small business= tough enough for fisherfolk and righteously satisfying to use. Seeing manufacturing of awesome and ethical businesses in this province makes me so happy.

    Tania Laba I think Local Source Market on Charles street in north end Halifax might be carrying these products soon!! Awesome.

    Ria Holmgren just picked up some of your lip balm - great packaging and feel on my lips is great! Nice to see CANADIAN seaweed products from the east coast being sold in the cosmetic industry in Canada and including organic ingredients....real nice:) We got it at County Sunshine Market on Main Street in Picton, ON

    Beany VonDoom Very nice stuff!

    Pete's @PetesTweetsNS  This lotion is WONDERFUL. We carry it at all three stores!

    Amanda Cashin @amandamc79 I'm excited too. @NSFisherman is one of my favorite new local products.  This is the best lip balm EVER

    Tonic Magazine @TonicMagazine  we love your hand cream! Coming to stores in Toronto soon?

    Shelby Kroach @shelbykroach Great to meet you at #CHFAeast. I love the sample products! My lips are so soft from the lip therapy :)

    Itweetlive @twtalive  is a great tool for thanking customers. btw, waves on your website making me nostalgic for Whitney Pier

    Tania Laba I think Local Source Market on Charles street in north end Halifax might be carrying these products soon!! Awesome.


    From the crew at Nova Scotia Fisherman

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    • Lori says...

      Hi everyone. :). I am a new customer to your products and all I can say is wow. I have extremely sensitive skin and so does my new rescued dog Oscar. I tried your bar soap and balm on the both of us and we are both slowly getting much needed relief from rashes, sores and swelling. Thank you so much for your product. Please invent body wash and shampoo next. :). Waiting with baited breath. You newest, biggest fans…..Lori and Oscar.

      On September 16, 2014

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