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  • Gluten and your Skin


    Nova Scotia Fisherman and Gluten Free

    Although gluten cannot be absorbed through your skin your choice of lip balm becomes a factor when selecting gluten free products. According to research at the Mayo clinic gluten is not absorbed through the skin and although ingestion of gluten may cause skin irritations this is not because of topical use.

    When choosing a lip balm, there is the possibility of ingesting ingredients. Some people like Dr. Oz reports that women ingest around 7 pounds of lip product over ten years. This number is grossly inflated but the fact remains that we do ingest what we put on our lips and it pays to know your ingredients.

    If you use a cosmetic or skin care product that contains gluten and you develop a skin reaction, see your doctor or dermatologist to identify the cause. It is possible to have an allergy to wheat or another grain that could cause a skin reaction.

    Our Nova Scotia Fisherman products do not contain gluten so you are worry free when it comes to concerns about gluten in your products. 

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