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  • Organic Kelp Great Inside and Out

     Nova Scotia Fisherman is proud to work with our local supplier Acadian Seaplants to provide us with kelp from our local area. Kelp can grow up to 100 cm (3.3 ft) per day. When talking with a retailer I simplified the sustainable nature of the plant by saying it was like mowing the lawn, cut it and it keeps producing. This is truly an oversimplification of the careful stewardship that is required for maintaining the plants and the surrounding aquatic life. Acadian Seaplants has been in the business for over 30 years and they provide us with high-quality kelp backed by a sustainable and secure supply with complete traceability. 

    Kelp is one of our greatest health secrets - a true 'super' functional ingredient. It may seem surprising that marine plants could offer such a plethora of functions for one's health, well being and personal care. The benefits of seaweeds have been known for a long time and modern science is increasingly revealing and confirming biological activities and benefits of these under-appreciated marine plants.

    Fucus vesiculosus (Bladderwrack) used in Nova Scotia Fisherman’s products is largely used in health and beauty industry applications.  Fucus contains magnesium, protein, fucoidan, retinol and derivatives (vitamin A). Bladerwrack is widely used in cosmetic preparations and thalassotherapy applications. Research findings associate various potential health benefits to Fucus that may help in treatment of atherosclerosis and immunity. It has also been reported to be of high potential use as an antioxidant, in estrogen-related cancer treatment and act as an anti-aging agent by improving skin elasticity and softness. 

    Shannon MacLean 

    Nova Scotia Fisherman

    sourced from Acadian Seaplants

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