Why Kelp????

September 19, 2012


Why  Nova Scotia Sea Kelp?

Kelp is actually part of the brownalgae family and grows in underwater forests. Some types can grow a half meter every single day! Many people are now recognizing the benefits of eating mineral rich kelp and supplements but it also is a highly beneficial ingredient in cosmetic products.  

If you've ever touched seaweed that washed up on the beach, chances are you noticed its slippery texture. The gelatinous quality of this sea plant makes it an ideal ingredient for providing nourishment and protection when applied to the body.

According to Peter Bennett, a naturopath and author of "The Purification Plan, Kelp contains acids that can bind to toxins in your body, who adds that, combined with heat, kelp or seaweed penetrates your skin and draw out impurities. Studies continue to show that the ocean is home to some of the best filtering systems on earth. There are things below the surface that can breakdown chemicals, toxins, heavy metals, and more. Kelp, according to many studies, is one of these amazing detoxifiers in the oceans and seas around the world. If you use kelp extract, it can also help with the detoxification of your body which is going to contain many of the same harmful substances that end up in the oceans.

 Source: By Laurel Kallenbach

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