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  • The Appleblossom festival Special! 3 for 10$

    April showers bring may flowers and the Appleblossom festival in Kentville Nova Scotia is ready to celebrate next weekend! The tradition began 83 years ago when the aroma of the blossoms in May and June, along with the natural beauty of the bloom, made the people of the area keen to celebrate.  

    With the blossom of the apple trees brings the fresh scents of the summer and excites local farms for the harvest of the next season. The Appleblossom festival  began to celebrate the importance of the harvest but over the years the importance of the festival has become greater than that. It is now also about people coming home and celebrating reuniting with family, friends and coming back to the community they love.

                At Nova Scotia Fisherman eXtreme Skin Care, we believe in supporting our community and we also believe in natural products. That’s why we use Apple Cider from local Stirling Farms in our Apple Cider Soap.  Since 1917 Stirling farms has had a family tradition of growing apples. Their farms in the Annapolis Valley have grown 35 apple varieties and have created their own sweet apple cider that was voted the favorite by taste my the Acadian University School of Nutrition.

    The cider adds a delicious smelling scent to our Apple Cider Soap and we would love for you to try it and see for yourself! That’s why we are having a special to celebrate the Appleblossom festival and give you a chance to try our awesome soap- buy 3 Apple Cider Soaps for $10.00.

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