Nova Scotia Fisherman Extreme Skin Care

  • Kelp helps the Nature Conservancy of Canada

    Nova Scotia Fisherman is a family and friend owned company in the heart of Nova Scotia. We are proud to produce a 100% Natural Body care line of products that are infused with Kelp from the shores of Canada’s Ocean Playground, Nova Scotia.

    Nova Scotia has a long maritime tradition that goes back almost two centuries. Our sea hardy ancestors earned their livelihood, found nourishment and lived by the tides. At Nova Scotia Fisherman we have developed an Xtreme Skin Care line that cares for your skin whether you are a fisherman or a skin enthusiast. We use local kelp in all of our products. This slippery ingredient found all along our coast line was used for many purposes in Nova Scotian history. It was a fertilizer, banked alongside houses to keep out winter winds, and used as packing material for shipping lobster.  Kelp (Fucus Vesiculosus ) has amazing anti-aging properties and has been used in health and beauty products since ancient times. It contains a bounty of ingredients that enriches and protects skin.

    When we initially were creating the Nova Scotia Fisherman brand one of our Co- Owners,  Bob MacLeod was asked by The Nature Conservancy of Canada to speak about business and environmental responsibility at their Corporate Leaders Conference in 2011. Bob was very inspired by their work and a partnership was born. 

    As Nova Scotians and Canadians we value our landscape and the place we call home. We believe that it is our responsibility to support our local communities and help protect the land that has shaped us while ensuring it’s sustainability  for future generations. Since 1971 the Nature Conservancy of Canada has worked to protect our province’s natural treasures.  Nova Scotia Fisherman is proud to support their efforts with a portion of each sale. Make sure to visit Saltscapes and the Nature Conservancy table we will be there!

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    • Sabrina says...

      Absolutely love the Extreme Care!! The smell, the feel and the results!! It has made a huge difference in the condition of my hands and heels. Great product ?

      On March 29, 2015

    • Amy says...

      Just had to say that this product is AMAZING if you are a hairstylist or work with your hands in water every day!

      On January 24, 2015

    • Denna says...

      I just purchased your lotion about 2 weeks ago and love it! I have very dry skin and must say this is the best lotion I have tried and I have tried many..thank you for all the great products and now I just got the lip balm and soap..and love it too! great work with these products..I live N.S.too.and will be sending these products to my friends who do not…

      On January 06, 2015

    • Amanda White says...

      Hi there, I purchased your hand and body cream at the Superstore in Glace Bay. I absolutely love your product. It has a very soft scent that I love. It leaves your skin feeling beautiful. I love that its local and doesn’t have chemicals that are in most other creams.

      On May 06, 2014

    • ROSE says...

      Is this body cream good for people who have psoriasis??

      On April 23, 2014

    • Barbara says...

      I just smeared your Xtreme skin care into my horrendously wrinkled skin and just had to thank you. Every day I spend several hours in a saline pool and it of course has had quite an effect on my skin and nails. Hair not so much as I protect that. I looked at my wrinkly 65 year old forearms and thought… Bring on the Fisherman’s.

      A few dollops smeared in and no, it is not the skin of a young girl but omgosh the difference in both appearance and texture is amazing.

      Our skin being such a huge organ, it is of course mandatory we use pure ingredients especially when the pores are open from extended water immersion. Your product fits the bill perfectly!

      On April 08, 2014

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