Nova Scotia Fisherman Poem

May 17, 2016

There was a shop in New Minas
The Candles made the finest.

Until one day there was a thought
That something new had to be bought.

Body care they started to make,
A little more marketing it would take.

They looked out at the ocean and thought of kelp
With all it's benefits, it had to help!

This seaweed you can eat,
On body care it would be neat.

They Started out with soap, scrub and balm
The Skin's ailments they would calm

Profit began to motion
So they added hand lotion!

They set sail across the land
This product sold from hand to hand

They started out with two
And now there's quiet a crew,

So the rest is history
As there is no mystery
If you're needing the help
Buy the product with Kelp!

- Written by our brilliant Soap Maker!

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